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A skull is one of the most powerful and oldest symbol to mankind, And that is the reason why it is not surprising that skull jewelry has evolved in to a popular fashion trend. Among these type of jewelries are Skull engagement ring, Gothic skull rings, Skull wedding rings, Skull couple rings, Skull ring set, Skull cufflinks, Skull bracelets etc.
All have different perspective on Skulls, just as
Skull as death symbolism
Skull as Bravery
Skull as Celebration of Rebirth
Skull in Fashion industry

Since there are many underlying meaning related to the skull, the fashion industry has emerged the trend whole heartedly. And if you do not need to associated with symbolism, skull rings look insanely cool. They represents freedom, individuality and the fact that you don’t adhere with the rules set by the society.
you can wear skull rings as a ritual way like symbolism and some belief or just as a fashion trend  because it looks really cool

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