How To Measure A Correct Ring Size

Rings are one of those jewelry pieces that don’t leave much room for error in sizing—a half size too small and it won’t fit over your knuckles, a half size too big and it may slip around too much.We want your rings to show up perfect and ready to wear every time! Below, you’ll find a few easy-to-use tips & tools that will help you find the correct ring size for every one of your fingers.

1. Ring Sizer

if you’re looking for a quick and easy tool to grab each time you want to find your ring size, just go and buy this ring sizer.


This ring sizer comes with easy to use instructions. Just follow the instructions on the package.

2. How to find your correct ring size

A. String/Paper strip technique


1.Cut a string that is about 6 inches long.


2.Fold the string around the base of the finger, just below the knuckle.


3.Mark where the string ends with the pen.


4.Place the measured string on the ruler with the area marked on your right.


5.The number closest to the pen mark is the circumference of the ring in millimetres.


6.Use the ring size chart below to translate the measurements into a ring size.

B.Measure with already owned ring


If you have a ring that already fits your finger well, you can use a ruler to measure the inside diameter of this ring:


1.Take your ruler and measure straight across the inside of the ring from edge to edge.


2.Take the diameter measurement in millimetres, and then use our measurement-conversion chart to find your ring size.


 C.Measure it from the local jewelers


If you don’t trust your own judgement, don’t worry. You can always turn to a professional jeweler for an accurate engagement ring measurement.

3. How to guess your partners ring size

A. Via friends/family/co-worker


if you don’t know your significant other’s ring size, don’t fret. It’s great to have someone on the inside. Talk to their family/friends/co-worker if they know about the proposal.


B. Secretly borrowed a ring of your significant other

Secretly borrow a ring that your gift recipient doesn’t wear every day. Take it to your local jeweler and ask them to tell you what size the ring is. One hand is usually slightly larger than the other, so it is even better if you can find a ring that he/she wears on the hand you intend to purchase the ring for


C. Be Creative

Sometimes, you just need to be creative to get the job done. You can measure her fingers with string, paper, or thread while she is sleeping. If she notices, you can simply say you are caressing her fingers

4. Some Important instructions

A. Finger shape


Yes, there are different kinds of fingers, and they can impact ring size and fit


B. Band width effects


rings with thinner bands tend to run a bit larger, whereas thicker rings have a more snug fit. The more metal around your finger, the more space it takes up and the tighter it fits.


C. Time of measuring a ring size

Measure your finger at the end of the day and when they’re warm since your fingers are smaller earlier in the day and when they’re cold. Measure your finger 3-4 times to eliminate any chance of an inaccurate reading.


D. International ring sizing

In the United States and Canada, ring sizes range from 3 to 13. While Australia and the United Kingdom actually use an alphabetical letter sizing system.

5. International Ring Size Chart