How It Works

Let us take you through our custom design process allowing you to create one-of-a-kind personalized jewelry pieces to adorn on your special day handcrafted by Dfine Jewelry’s artisans—and 

imagined by you.


Our process begins with filling a short questionnaire to understand what you are exactly looking at. From having any particular vision to knowing your ‘lucky’ one’s style to have a rough idea about your budget; we do all the asking, listening, and help you envision it.

Designing For You

Our skilled team of designers swings into action with all the details received from you to make a custom design concept or a first draft sketch that truly resonates with you. Until now, our design consultation is absolutely free, with no hidden charges.

Make Your Own Changes

Feel free to make it your own piece with any suggestions or changes that you would like us to make in order to get that ‘Oh, I’m loving this!’ dialogue

Discuss The Stone Details With Experts

The team gets onboard to deciding what suits for your ring in your budget, the perfect gemstones or diamond or even.

Make The Cheque

Once all the details and the final looks are finalized, only then the payment occurs at this stage.


Your custom design is then handcrafted in our production house by our team of highly skilled artisans and presented to you the reality of your dreamy ring.

Home Calling

With our trusted delivery agents, we ship your precious to their ‘new homes’.

Ready to create personalized jewelry with all one’s heart?

The journey of finding your perfect ring is always better together. We are here to express your enduring love and freeze your significant moment in the most spectacular way!